Roland H. & Maude M. Becker Scholarship

Scholarship Description: Established by Barbara B. Glass in 1988 in memory of her parents, the Roland & Maude Becker scholarship provides financial assistance to students with a major in Conservation Biology. The scholarship is a one-time award to help support a conservation experience related to the major. A conservation experience may include an undergraduate research experience, internship experience, study abroad program, etc. Awards will be in the amount of $500 and up to two awards will be awarded per academic year.

Spring 2017 Deadline: April 21, 2017 (to be awarded by end of fall term)


  • Must be a declared a Conservation Biology student
  • Must be a continuing student (i.e. must plan to graduate after May of the application year)
  • No specific GPA required, though students must be in good academic standing (i.e. not on academic probation); Students with higher GPAs are likely to be more competitive

Selection Criteria:

  • Proposal must have a conservation focus and show meaningful connection to and impact on  undergraduate experience connected to Conservation Biology

Application Process: Students will be required to submit the following materials. All materials should be electronically to

  • Two page proposal outlining conservation experience (ex. research project, internship, study abroad program, etc.)
    • Proposal must include:
      • Detailed description of experience and how it connects to the Conservation Biology major and conservation,
      • Description of how award will be used  including an itemized budget
  • Resume or CV summarizing academic accomplishments and related experience that prepare student for conservation experience
  • Unofficial Transcript or UW-Madison Student Record
  • Short Statement of Support from Conservation Biology faculty advisor or research advisor who can discuss the applicant's potential and capabilities; must be submitted on official UW-Madison letterhead or sent as an email directly from advisor to Conservation Biology office (

Acceptance Process: Scholarship will be awarded by end of term for use during proceeding term(s).  Stipulations of accepting the award include:

  1. Sending a Thank You letter to Ms. Barbara Glass outlining proposed experience and gratitude,
  2. Providing a brief report of conservation experience upon completion, and
  3. Completing a Student Profile to be used on the Conservation Biology major website (includes photo from experience, summary of experience, and how it relates to major)

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