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To declare Honors in the Major, please schedule an appointment with Ginny Jackson, the student services coordinator for the Conservation Biology Major.

To complete Honors in the Conservation Biology major, students must take 16 credits of honors in the major. Of the 16 honors credits, at least 6 credits must be Senior Honors Thesis credits (681/682) from an appropriate department (ex. Botany, Zoology, Forest & Wildlife Ecology, etc.). Students must also maintain at least a 3.3 overall cumulative GPA to complete Honors in the Conservation Biology major.

Students can select from any Conservation Biology courses designated as honors (H, !, or %). Note, specific sections of a course may be for honors, rather than the entire course. Click here for more information on these different types of honors courses.

Students may also design and complete a project in a non-honors designated course in collaboration with the instructor. To do this, students must have previously taken at least one honors course and submit a project proposal (called a "Green Sheet") to the L&S Honors Program by the end of the 8th week of class. Click here for more information on Green Sheet honors courses.

Some study abroad programs may be designated honors programs OR students can apply for honors credit upon return. See the Conservation Biology student services coordinator for more information.